Share your Combat Mods

Was up Everyone,

Last time i request for players to share their mods for their toons helped me out a lot and possibly other players. being that we get the free removal event from time to time, that helps when it drops.

Thought i share my best mod for my characters.

Share your Mods to help others that are new or struggling with getting the best out of their toons.


I’m waiting for someone to flex their perfect burn or stat mod lol

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It really doesn’t show us much when we can’t see the modified stats…


A few of my better ones…

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Here’s some of mine.

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Some of my best individual mods, never had a perfect one though


Thank for sharing. i do think it should show the difference on the stats but thats too much to ask.
This helps other more than some of yall think.

A couple attack setups


A couple defense setups

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Appreciate you sharing !

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