Share how much you raided without getting the map drop!

I’ll go first!


5600+ trophies later, zero map… :frowning:

Faction mate did 15k. No map. Harsh

5200+ Trophies, no map.

Today I pulled Andrea from Supply Depot for 50k.

The hell with that map!!!

More 5k and no map :khuôn mặt mệt mỏi:

i stop counting after a while dx

No drop. Hey ho.

180 Raids, no map. 20 cans BEFORE the tourney started, no map. Gained almost 3k rep at 6 per raid total over the span of “mapgate”, no map. Noob accounts are getting it after two cans. Total bullshit.


Got to the last milestone, plus another 10-15 cans before the raid event even started.

Got the map on my 177th and final raid of the tourney

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Don’t feel too bad Walker. I was right ahead of you in 55th and got dick-all.

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137 cans. Nuff said the map was more rare tham the michonne head from the limited negan collection 2 years back.

9k but I was mostly trying to get my league score up and get cakes for top 200.the map wouldve been nice too lol

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152 raids, no map

115 raids

I’m RIP Grimes

190 then just quit saving the rest for faction

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349 wins

I got the last milestone, no map, not that I needed an additional Andrea.