Shane visual bug

Not a biggie but I imagine it might confuse some when attacking. Basically he doesn’t go down visually but does for all other intents and purposes.

All 3 times it’s happened the following has occured (no idea which ones are relevant):
-Shane in a line with Frost
-Shane didn’t take damage turn 1
-Frost shields
-My Lilly does def down, it affects both Frost and Shane
-My Aarav ARs, Frost takes no damage as Shane gets it all, Shane dies but stays standing (only visually).

At no point has his health bar been touched or displayed.


Record it next time it happens, could help to pinpoint what exactly causes the bug.

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I experienced this too in War , he was in front of Frost then too . He was decapped (icon was showing) but the character model was still visable

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Tbf though I’ve listed exactly everything that could be relevant, can’t imagine what else there could be.

I saw it in war plenty. Should be easily replicable by someone with a Shane

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I have seen this on a Road Map, he was a defender on one of the Torch Maps a while ago, at the time I just figured it was just a RM issue, shame to see its a wider problem.

Well, at least he’s not rushing with the decap icon on him… yes, making the silly reference to the ominous “pete rushes when taunted” discussion

Yup… experienced this many times myself

I have a recording of it, how do I upload it?

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