Shane Shane shane who created you monstrosity

Oh dear. Recently I got a Shane ascendable upon looking at his six star version ,he was used as food for my Javier ascending. I cannot stress how much of a mess they have made with Shane leader skill goes from epic to mediocre and don’t even get me started on his ability they could of made it better (250% damage to a group of enemies.) But no a decent rush to one of the worst healing abilities out there.

Now I don’t know whether you agree with me but it would be nice to see what you guys think so please put your thoughts down!


Why I dont understand is how some sickos are throwing 5 or 6M in the actual LU to go for him …
This toon reminds me of Gator and Christa back in the 5* era.


Haha Christa…Gator…Of old times. I shudder thinking about it.


Why are you using ascends as food the 5* trainers are a joke to get


Shane is a great lillith


I’m not doing that either I have way to many 5* as is I keep every ascend even if I’m not 6* them anytime soon

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I never seem to be able to get 5 stars I have some shite luck.

“it’s a shane”
I’m used to say 1 is enough, 2 are too much. Only place I’m going to use him is the daily SR instead of blue Eric. At lev400 he can make things little bit easier.

They should Buff toons alittle__

Shane is top of the list.

The annoying thing with Shane is that he doesn’t actually require a huge buff, a couple more cleans on his heal would probably make him quite usable - stun and impair would be the main ones in my opinion.

Rosita is better in my opinion


Ikr hahaha why are you leveling to 7mil for that. Save it for a faction, dummy.

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Shame !!!

And we have a winner !!!

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Hahahaha geez

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