Shane 6* is bugged?


Hi everyone,
someone has ascended shane 6*?
I think he’s bugged, I did some tests and I’m sure he does not give the huge bonus when defending.
for each shot they receive, they take 3/4 points at most.
Thanks for any explanation on this.


Hi JTK, might I suggest you providing some screenshots or videos in regards to this? Just so that we can see this in effect as well and maybe compare with how it works with our own Shanes. :slight_smile:


Remember, AP gain on defence is directly related to damage taken. If you are running tanky 6 stars with Shane’s 40% defence bonus, you won’t be taking much damage and, therefore, not gain much AP


Thats how it works. If you want more ap use weaker toons. Xp


Also remember weapon defense plays a big part in “AP when taking Damage”.

The more DEF you have, the less AP you will gain from taking damage due to the fact that you are taking LESS damage.


That’s why I prefer HP leader than Def leader, like Mirabelle, Vincent, Santa Negan,… they bring more sensitivity.


thanks for your answers :blush:
What you say is right. but shane should still give a huge bonus over that in relation to the damage! 3/4 points are also taken without leader shane!
when in attack you hit once a character who has a weapon with huge defense bonus, always takes about 20 points (10 x 2)!


Op isn’t wrong yes damage affects ap gain but the huge bonus should add 10 ap regardless unless the damage is reduced to zero via evasion or absolute defense. Even if the opposing character did 1 damage the result should be 1 ap for the damage and +10 for the leader skill