Shame on you scopely



We pay a lot for this game . You ve got a lot of money . And i pay . Just you can’t script correctly the towers ??? IT s just a joke. I leave after war !! There is a lot of game whith better develloper and programmer !!! Not here ! Shame on you scopely ! You always don’t carte the gamer and yesterday there was no matthers with the tower !! Just an illusion not all


I had problems with towers.


Omfg another thread claiming there wasnt any problems with towers last war. “it isnt happening to me so it doesnt exist” :+1: :+1: :+1:


Some players in my faction, not in beta, had issues when taking towers. Who knows what exactly what was happening with their programming there… But the is issue wasn´t affecting only beta players.

On the other hand, I have to admit I kinda like this “tower-less” war.
Seeing it as a rare one-time event… and even though battles against those double shield+Erika teams are almost impossible (or take forever), it feels great when you actually beat them with F2P characters.

By the way, not saying that I prefer a tower-less war, because I don´t, I prefer having strongholds. I think it helps the pace of the battles, makes the faction strategize, and of course is another chance to get refills.


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