Shame on u, scopeley

shame on you,scopeley.
YOU said that anyone can get the chars from the events. But I’m missing over 100 pearl necklaces to get the yins. In other words: I have lost my time for this event and get nothing at the end. you have promised yours after not even once again broken month …
why can not you say in the future when an event will cost money to make it happen?

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I have about 2k. Want some?

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Can you screenshot / link the statement where they said anyone could get the characters without spending? I’ll follow up with them about this.


Is there a link/Screenshot where anyone can get the characters WITH spending?

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I apologize for this thread, can be deleted … was a misinformation that has been spread in my old guild in connection with the thread: promise for the future

i was waiting for ur response on scopley ‘‘Future of game economies’’ Article

She’s not dumb I’m sure she has formed her own opinion by now, and I’m sure it’s similar to ours but she’s not gonna jeopardize her position there’s no need. She’ll do everything she can to help you or I within the limits of her power.

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No problem at all.

Closing at OP’s request.