Shady odds on "collection items"

You think the “collection items” have an equal chance of selection?
This can’t be acceptable under odds disclosure rules


Have u seen the box with: burt, brady, basil, lilith, uly or bene?
100% uncommon trainer or better


disclosure rules just mean they have to disclose the odds. lol. you are upset about this but not the odds for premier recruits?


was just about to say, the 100% for things was much better. lol

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found it!


that would be like if they went onto premier recruits and put the odds of " 100.0% chance of 4* character & up".


They’re not really disclosing the odds is my point


this by definition is giving the odds, theres a 21:50 (42%) chance to pull a collection item (mittens), 1:5 (20%) chace to pull 5* tokens, and 19:50 (42%) chance to pull elite tokens. are you wanting the chances at each color of mittens (14% chance of blue, 14% chance of red and 14% chance of green)?

No, the chance of the 10,000 vs the 300 mittens

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Never had plans to buy regardless of odds, it is just a really shady tactic which violates the intent of the regulations requiring them to reveal odds. Hopefully by pointing this out it will help some avoid mistakenly purchasing without realizing the odds are obscured and hopefully by calling Scopely out it will put them on notice that players recognize this and don’t find it acceptable. I realize it will probably lead to nothing but it upsets me to see things move in this direction so I’m taking what limited action I can and pointing this out to my fellow players. If I had an Apple device I would file a complaint but since Android does not have the odds disclosure as a requirement I can’t file a complaint.

And it’s you’re.


This exactly - it says 42% for “collection items” there is a set of 300 and a set of 10,000. It could be 41.8% chance for the 300 and .2% chance at 10,000 but we have no way of knowing because they rolled them together. They are vastly different quantities with highly different value so if they are not equally weighted that should be disclosed.


Yeah, that’s obviously a typo not a misuse of the proper form of a word.

This is understandable. the initial post didn’t specify the difference in the collection items quantity. Am not sure if the rules specify that the odds have to be varied if the amount of a specific item vary , or if it is just the odds for that item and if there are dif quantities that is included

Report it if you think it’s not appropriate.

I’m pretty sure the community 100% agrees that this is disengenuius when compared to the intent/reason for declared odds implementation.

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To my knowledge the disclosure of chances is mandatory due to Apple’s App store. If you are an apple customer, please complain with them.
If ENOUGH people do. Things will change. Only way.

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