Shady loopholes

Just wondering how they can get away with new promotions toons, without actually listing the actual % to get them? Im on ios and im pretty sure if your spending real money, each item must show its %.
Then support saying “well it Should be in the ? Box”
Now im not an expert, but if you work for scopley, you either know or dont know, dont use the word “should” because thats very vague.


Coins aren’t considered real money.

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The odds are still there, she now comes under the legendary recruits and ascendable epic bracket.
so basically they have lowered the odds at getting her.
There are another ten ascendables in that. Wheel so divide the percentage by 10 and you will have the odds.

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Seems like they took out the “recruit” part and are just bunching them into the legendary and ascendable groups. Would definately be nice to know if that’s the case since this would actually be a favorable move.

Oh. Didn’t think of it the way. Just seemed like it would be more favorable. Either way… the odds are miserable and I’m actually surprised players even get toons with the low odds at all.

Must have just changed, without any info, cool sounds about exactly what scopley would do

Basically pulled a fast one, odds have been getting lower recently, but this takes the piss.
Because they decided to put the keys back up for Pete they see it as a loss. So most likely decided to compensate for it elsewhere. don’t even want to give paying players any benefit now as well.

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We dont even know what % is it to get 125 keys or 1000keys within these bags, i think if apple got involved thats a lawsuit and a half

Have you read the App Store Guidelines? I think you are very much guessing here

They covered their asses there by calling them collection bags.

Of course, this would be the 2nd investigation since s class pete

I do no that each item listed for “suprize mechanics” must have a % so people that are ios can make an educated decision. And also, support must be able to tell you yes or no, black or white, there is no “should” grey area

That is no where close to the TOS. The terms are very vague and unclear as you could probably tell by reading all them but then you would realize that Scopely does in fact follow the rules. Apple’s vaguely written rules still allow companies to post unclear descriptions as long as they are accurate.

Your probably on the right track, exactly why we need to bring it to there attention so they can jump on the sony nintendo ms band wagon to finally out a stop to this ludicrous way of gaming


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