Settle the Zero Energy Map!


@kalishane @Dash

And you wonder why people say bad things about scopley on here!?

Literally no where in game does it say that the zero energy map would not run this week!

What about the people who are not on the forum!? How are they supposed to know! Some people just want to play the game not sift through the broken promises on your crappy forum.

This forum serves zero purpose anyway as the “team” DOESNT EVEN LISTEN. Only hears what they want to hear.
Thanks for another stab in the back!:+1::ok_hand:

Suggestion release the zero energy map and keep it up for 5 days. Do that if you actually care about us.


Too much anger for a response. Use a softer tone.

I agree we need more map. But I don’t think it’s coming. I think @dash got the weapons parts map back, so maybe he has a little more magic.


As requested. Also have some extra Dwight pieces in case you weren’t able to do two wars this weekend.