Setting up your account on a new device


This is to help those who lost or damaged your device or just want use a second device to play the game. This is for Facebook Linked accounts only.

The new device must use the same OS. If android use higher version or equal, same rule for other OS’s.

If you have an old device laying around I recommend doing a factory reset before starting.

  • Setup email accounts 1st if you used email before.

  • Setup Google/Google+ account and login

  • Setup Facebook using same account you Linked when you started the game. Note: Your Facebook account must be login before installing game.

  • Install TWD RTS and go through the initial tutorial (new game), no way around this.

  • Next go to the game OPTIONS then select LINK ACCOUNT.

  • Enter email associated with your Facebook account or your phone number. Which ever you used before when 1st setup the game.

  • Final step: Choose from multiple choices; Load your account installed on the previous device.

If you end up requiring Scopely support for account recovery here is what they will tell you before getting started.

An account that has been linked to Facebook can be switched between devices provided both have the same operating system (iOS to iOS or Android to Android.)

If you are not able to use the link to Facebook function to get your old account, we will have to manually load it unto your device. To migrate your account to a new/same/another device we will need:

  1. A transaction/receipt number of any purchase made on that account.
  2. Account name(old and new account)
  3. Account code(old and new account)
  4. Main/Active region in old account
  5. Account level(old and new account)
  6. Name of faction in old account

Depending on how you’ve paid for services and items in the game, please refer to the links below to get a receipt then please send us a screenshot of it to verify it in your old account.

If security has been verified and to migrate it to a new/another/same device will need an account code from the device that you wish to use. You will have to play the game, start a new account(if you have not yet), finish the tutorial, then give us the account code (click on your name at the top left corner at the map.) It should look like XXX-XXX-XXX.

I regret to say that any unclaimed daily login rewards cannot be resent.

For this and any other gameplay or experience related issues, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Scopely Support Team

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This does me no good what so ever I have not mad a purchase with my android and it’s now lost way I can so please explain how I.need to go about getting my over yr old account back


Thank you for this. I couldn’t remember linking my account and it said it was linked already so I was a bit confused, but then I realized that was the tyreese gift and hammer was for… (linking Fb account right? ) appreciate the thread and I will try to switch. Now thanks.


A transaction/receipt number of any purchase made on that account. no
Account name(old and new account) TOM / HAVAS
Account code(old and new account) WHZ-XGG-HDN / YMQ-FNX-BND
Main/Active region in old account DOUGLAS[KO] / DOUGLAS[KO]
Account level(old and new account) LV49 / LV4
Name of faction in old account THE BUGSTERS


enleve tes numéros de compte stp
envoie les par mail


hey! where do i need to give the info?