Set time frame for faction membership


Hey all. This is most likely going to sound ridiculous but, I believe there should be a certain time frame allotted to members of a faction. I think after 3 months or so all members except for the leader should be forced to leave and go to another faction. My reason being with this is that I’m tired of seeing the same faction win every event every time. I have been playing since day 1 and the same faction wins every event, war especially. Also I don’t think the same members should be allowed to band together again in a different faction. It is completely unfair that these factions get the great rewards every time and I think it’s time to make a change. The events have grown kinda stagnant anyway. Let’s change this up Scopley so all can benefit and it’s always a mystery on who is going to win. Thanks for reading.


This would hurt little regions like mine so badly. People would constalty quit if this were the case


I’m gonna say this in the nicest way possible , this is dumb.


I’m playing like a year and the same faction is always first in events. Except a few times, not more than 10. There’s not much you can do. We just try to enjoy the game and have fun with our friends.


Nevermind. Shouldn’t have posted


You’re right, I am ; I’ve spent two years playing , spending and growing with the same group of people, why should I be forced to abandon my friends , who I’ve built friendships with , every 3 months , just to appease people who can’t break into a top faction, so because 30 people play together, grow together; and remain at the top , together , you want to break them up to give you a fair chance, that’s not what fair means

You want the game to be changed to benefit you , That’s not fair.

So here is my BS reply as you wanted to call it , just because you aren’t a top player , doesn’t mean top players should be forced to break up.


Without my faction I would have quit this game a long time ago. Breaking up long time friendships would hurt the game a lot.


This. If I was forced to leave my faction I would quit too. It’s the only thing keeping me playing.