Servers undergoing Maintenance


I removed the other thread - do not post screenshots of your account code people. :wink:

Apologies @FoReYeZ

your original post:


code means nothing with out last thing u paid for. lol


Can’t you just effing make a one hour break between the tourneys and do maintenance during that time???


…Meanwhile over at Scopely HQ


Servers are working as intended. Any problems are on your end.

Keep surviving!



I’m just wondering why people care about hiding account code. U know that you can use account code to invite people to your faction. I don’t think Scopes intended for it to remain a big secret.


I still missed out on precious time and would’ve finished SR already, now where’s my 5 refills and 50k 5* tokens as compensation? Lol. Pay up Scopely cause I’m losing out on my offer.


I have gotten coded 100,000 , 504 , 11, and server maintenance


Please keep in mind I play in two regions, so I expect compensation in both places too.


Lol pleeeease take my account… Account codes means nothing without other info…its been proved.


Alright, didn’t thought this throught.


But that other info doesnt mean anything without your account code. Good to keep all pieces close to your chest and avoid getting upset when something bad happens.

It is also quite easy to see when someone makes a purchase, even the 30day pass, by tracking their prestige. It’s not easy to guess an account code however.


Faction level up going well I’m the only one in my faction to score with 258k yet our score is now over million,non member points of 750k,think the servers may have screwed this up :slight_smile:


yea it looks like people leveling during the errors are getting insane points in the non-member points area. i just saw one faction with a 7mil score, and 5.5mil was non-member


So scopely why fuck do you keep on doing this you know very well this fucks events are ppl hit big red button that dumb?


Unacceptable! Prepare for events then unable to participate! Sort your game out scopely!


No you didn’t. :wink:


et maintenant impossible d’ouvrir le jeu


Yup, the faction first on the leaderboard in our region, 2 people put up a total of approximately 350k point and have 1.46 million in non member points


Though for reals people Nothing Stops people from experimenting you’re right today that code may not mean anything to months from now they’ll be a program out and in order to screw with people’s accounts all you need is there code