Server Murray need a fusion with other server/regions (ES)

Hello, i play walking dead road to survival in the Murray server, this server need a fusión with another server because only play 5 or 6 factions play war. In only región war (only Murray) in mi faction always, we hope to find a rival in war for 30 minutes because Murray’s activity is very low, that prevents us from adding what we would like and that positions of war classification are more disputed.
Server Murray stay dead we need a fusión with other regions please.

It is sad to see how week after week a player leaves the game because in the end we always play the same ones, some of us have invested money and time, I would not like to leave this game to me because of this lack of activity on the server. Please Scopely we need a solution to this problem

I am leader of the 3rd faction in Murray server and it feels like there is no returning point for this situation except if we can merge with another region.
There are just 3 or 4 factions in war that play 24 hours,so no need to tell how boring is to compete with same people over and over, and of course, the waiting times between battles.
Please,try to merge our old region, we just played this game for so long and we just want to enjoy it for a little more time if you deserve us to

Merge with Gwinnett please!! Gwinnett is dying as well and both regions are very similar: same language, same countries, same old, same activity…

It not bad idea i think wee need fusion region, or the people stop play this game…

How many more posts is there going to be like this, how about search the topic and post in the right place, it’s getting aggravating now.