Server maintence suprise

I was right in the middle of ar battle.
Oh well.
I hope it fixes everything that everyone else is complaining about.


I was in the middle of a battle too

It wasn’t a surprise. JB told us it was coming



I blame the scapepope!

Yes. On the forum. Nowhere helpful like in the game.


Who are you? Lmao

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I agree. I don’t always check the forum everyday


I will send you a pm because i am undercover.

Not sure why they couldn’t have planned it for after SR…typically Scopely

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@JB.Scopely an in-game message would have been appreciated. The forum should not be the way to communicate an interruption in the middle of two events.


Typical fark the player attitude.

I just used a SR can right as it went down. Sure hope that wasn’t a loss.

Yet when there was an issue u came here to check?


Dam people crying over something tht was already addressed ahead of time.

They really shouldn’t be doing these things during tournaments. No matter how they address it.

The 2 hr window in between would have been the best time…

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The maintenance time for me doubled if my eyes are And I thought I was locked out.

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Idk how many times i have said this. In game message, hard is that? Alot of people dont check these forums daily or hourly. How about an in game announcement tab with all new content, updates, events, and stuff like this…and i thot it was a little later than this that it was scheduled but guess not.

It shoulda been addressed with an in game announcement. That simple. Only a relative small amount of users check the forums. This affects ALL users.


Let me go get on forums and read through all the threads to see if there’s a scheduled maintenance today lol

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