Server maintenance what?

Really! Right now with no warning?!

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Yep same here. Typical scopley screwing everything up.

I know I’m facking fuming also

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Same here in marengo

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It only lasted for a few minutes.

Yall just whiny af trying to get free stuff from scopely every chance yall get. :rofl: :joy:

This unscheduled server maintenance only lasted a few minutes and your game was accessible once again after the maintenance.


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Why is it doing it again now?

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lol…oh no…game gone off for a while…lets cry…u guys cry at slightest thing…just wait…

Was just about to post about this :poop: Had it yesterday as well with no warning. WTF are they trying to hide now?’s still not working for me.

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unscheduled maintenance lasted a few.minutes and you should have access to the game but of course we at scopely stuffed up again and the message keeps.popping up

fixed for ya br0

you look nice

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unscheduled maintenance on the unscheduled maintenance is occur. please wait until this unscheduled maintenance on the unscheduled maintenance is completed before trying to log into the game which has had unscheduled maintenance on the unscheduled maintenance

No, the maintenance started mid-regions switch and now I can’t get back in. It’s Stuck on the loading screen. Being trolled maybe, but I’m not trolling.

All the time! :rofl:

Seriously, stop crying because you cannot log in every damn five minutes of the day. Are people this addicted?


i like you

I mean scamly, I was in a mid fight in arenas

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