Server down Mid war- Scopley Acknowledgement?

I’m aware that the sever went down for an amount of time - not sure how long. But from what I’ve heard once I was up and running, customers experienced some lagging.

For some factions this has had an adverse affect, as it interrupted the flow meaning loss in ranking and ability to war to achieve better ranking & milestones.

I’m unaware of Scopely have made a statement about why this happened but given light of this Scopely error again (seems to be a weekly occurance, customers should receive some compensation for this like other mobile gaming platforms would provide.

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It was down maybe 5-10 minutes and after restart it now work good


Could have been 5 seconds, mate. Multiply those 5 seconds by the entire number of players affected, and you’ll have a huge amount of time.
No statement, no compensation… it impacted ALL OF US!

Just war my friend.
They can handle your claim on monday

You must be on a fancy quick server because mine was down a lot longer than that.

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Server went down mid war for us. We were ahead in war but it stalled us. Meant couldn’t end match as fast as wanted and prevented us from moving onwards for least half hour. Whilst not major still significant enough to slow pace. Whether compensated or not would expect acknowledgment from scopes

Did the servers not go down for everybody? Are people still able to war While others were locked out?

We have different minutes then lol

Don’t think severs went down for everyone as someone in my faction was messaging on mine saying someone take the last hit an end it…

Meh small potatoes least was like last big war screw up where screwed it for everyone then the pole to restart that was ignored

You have Scopely minutes now.

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8 minutes from down to uptime accordingly to line logs :slight_smile:

Sometimes things happen and they fixed it. Although I would like one rotten head, I’m at 49 cause we had to use one for kapoor. Being one off is kinda annoying lol

After exhaustive research of 15 minutes (2 seconds in Scopely time). I was offline from 1 52 to 2 02. Plus 10 more minutes of complaining about it, for a total of 20 minutes (8 minutes in Scopely time). So yes I agree.

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