Seriously the war rewards thread was deleted


Way to piss off pissed off people even more. Top faction full of spenders and we have high prestige players quitting 24 hours before war because of shitty rewards. Seriously give a damn explanation of why you want to drive your customer base out tje door.


Ikr I was just looking for it. Thats crazy


not deleted. it’s still there. They just unlisted it from forum view lol


Fucken disgrace.


Ofc, ppl is pretty pissed with CRW rewards including me, I’m almost done with the game, seriously… Scopely is helping to destroy the game day after day as if the hackers were not enough to fair players deal with…


Got to get in it to see it!!!


Shhh before you get banned


After the 6 stars no more war exclusives characters (what was the best in the game for real), the 6 stars are coming at too slow pace, and we only receiving 5 star tokens or legendary medals, dude this is so frustrating… =/