Seriously Sr has become ridiculously hard

Can’t even get past stage 2 for the second week, straight up the one who requested it to be made this way is so dumb and need to be fired


Why would you use gator lead over laopo


You, you get the hell out of here with your common sense and general knowledge about the situation.

Coming in here an Big leaguing us with superior strategies and tactics, Competence never,Gator 4 eva!


Who does he think he is, Veni?

So he won’t be dog pilled (noticed they dog pill leader so often)

Looks like a team building problem.

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You expect to win with a Gator lead? No wonder you’re having issues.

Tip: Use a shield. Tier 1 Lee works fine.

You have a poor lead, no high damage toons really, and the 45 burn dmg makes me think not the greatest mods

May shields and good revives all died bro why u think I’m complaining in the first place

I tried put an attack lead and high damage toon they got dog pilled and died turn 1

U should think a little bit b4 answering I don’t have good mods to put on all my characters and all my teams died b4 I used this one. Do u even read what the post is about b4 u write a comment or u just read half the title and jump into conclusion? If you’re not willing to consider the situation better don’t comment At all you’re excused

From the looks of it it’s green/yellow requirements. I’d go with a hp/def melee leader, michelle, Javier, two green revives. Stun weapons on the greens

Still think you have team comp issues. I use Camilla lead, Michelle, Dante, Shiva, Lee and it’s fine. Trick is to control their rushes, Camilla can damage and impair, Michelle can damage and stun, Dante is your revive and healer (with a stun weapon), Shiva confuses/stun active/stun claws, Lee takes the hits.

Doesn’t have to be the best mods I use silver on some of mine but 45burn dmg makes me think some of yours aren’t even upgraded

Still looks like a team building problem.

I went with those and they died turn 1 :wink: if u paid more attention you’d see that those characters hit with more than 7k and have double attack weapons

Lol well it’s the team I use and that’s a simple stage for me

I will be glad if u share a video with us winning with bronze mods against such characters

Lol bronze mods.

I don’t have bronze I sell them