Seriously. scopely. do you guys even care players?

Everytime we think game is broken, or some toons is broken. you guys make it worse.
This new 'S’uck class toon, way too broken.

imo since woc, this game goes to end.

forked up woc winners by releasing Lilly as promo WAY TOO SOON.

then NEGAN to fork us all - We can’t even use our toon’s rush . then MIA the infinite shit maim dmg + diagusting revive. Then Gov then Elle

Oh wait. i forgot there was shit ton of time you guys locked us!!!

and lack of infos about toc. then killed 8 regions.

  • every facs fought hard for 1st cuz almoat everyone thought only 1st facs from aow could qualify :slight_smile:

Then EVERY FACTION qualified as region. + 8 region got furked.

you guys never said that toc gonna be like that.

oh wait!! There was skull gate there was lucky gate there was infinite game crash!!


Everytime i imagine/think bad. everytime i assume some decision from you guys is worst.

you guys show us worse decision.

Good Luck scopely.
I think i can’t find a company like you even in North korea. GG


No, no they don’t care. At all


They rounded up all the remaining whales into specific regions and then dropped a 7 star bomb on them. Dirty disgusting tactics


Who else will spend a fortune on just 5* Pete?

Recover Maim and heal uses 20 lmao bye Zachary teams.


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