Seriously problems with my account

Hi everyone! I’m Phoenix 17, member of faction “Biohazard “, long region. Two weeks already I have seriously problems with my account- I can’t launch my game. I’m old player, I play this game almost since it was released- almost 5 years. I’m spent a lot of money and time for this game, I love wars, but now I can’t play because can’t launch my game- it’s crashes. I write every day to customer support, but my account ain’t fixed yet. I really need help to fix my account . My email is I’m not alone with same problem it can happened with any people. Hope specialists help me. Michail.


This man has been begging support for help for over 2 weeks now… Scopely, is anyone listening over there?

Here, no one can help you. Try it on their official Discord channel. Otherwise you can continue to try to reach out to their customer support.

I have the same problem for 1 month. the game loads 30% and closes. I have already contacted support and the emails I received are always with the same questions: what is the model of the device, send a video of what is happening. and to this day no one has solved my problem. I have also played this game since 2015 and played in the best factions. I spent a lot of money on that game. I already lost hope that my account would be fixed, because even after the beta update. The game does not open. I tried to pull my account on several different devices, different systems, by Amazon through Google and the problem seems to be in my account, however, the support insists on sending the same messages. each email comes with a different mandate “Diene, Johann, Jordyn, John”

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I don’t think engineers can’t fix it. They just don’t want and lazy

the problem doesn’t even arrive at a developer or programmer’s desk. They practically cook the customer hoping for a miracle to happen.

You mean Scopely engineers can’t figure out, how to fix this issue?

They just ignore us

@TayTron @WalkerTexasRanger

He’s asked on the forum, on Line, on Discord, sent 2 weeks worth of requests to support… Is it possible to get this issue prioritized for him?


It’s happened with you without reason or after claiming mod/weapon/ other stuff from event? My crashing start when I claim platinum mod from battle pass event

Have you cleared cache for the game & let the game download again?

I hate reading these accounts, absolutely awful. Sorry that’s happened to you. Hope it gets fixed.


Of course. I cleared cashe on both devices, tried several times delete/ reinstall app, tried also reset my devices to factory settings, I even tried to login with android devices ( I use iPhone and iPad regular). Any methods won’t help

I sure it’s account broken. I can explain, why I think about it: 2 weeks ago, I claim platinum mod from battle pass event. But when I try to put it on my toon- game crashes. Crashes, when I try to open my roster. I get my iPad off and go to shop. After this I can’t launch my game! Broken platinum mod cause broken my account.

I’m sorry that happened but can you now see no matter how much time or money you spend all they care about is anyone giving them money and not fixing anything or helping

Agree about it! That right

Back when I lost my account a year or so ago it took them 2 weeks to get back to me

But they fix your problems by general? Now you can play?

@LadyGeek can you help in anyway with that issue please?
The guy has SC membership running as well as Battle Pass and missing on all that not to mention the events ongoing that he already invested money in and can’t get anything from it ! That’s all aside from all the money and time have been put into the account for 5 Years !!
This has been ongoing for about two weeks now with nothing but “please sit tight” responses from support? Pretty sure this case is eligible for a serious Compensation and need to be looked into it ASAP
This only brings to attention how Scopely is treating their customers any of us could be in that situation and pretty sure no one would like to see their money and time wasted like that this is an urgent matter and needs to be fixed I’m pretty sure waiting 14 days and counting for a fix While draining all the subscriptions and money sucking from the account while it’s held in limbo is a case that qualifies for a legal action against the company that refuses to cooperate with their paying customers

@TayTron @WalkerTexasRanger please look into this case and all others having that same issue this is not the customer fault nor it’s a technical issue with the device it’s an issue on your end


thanks for the flag lmao