Seriously Now Scope? Do you hate Collectors so much?

So it wasn’t enougth for you to remove all Good and Rare 4* From Premier you put in to lure People into Survivors Club? Officially it wasn’t.

At next you decided to gentle remove all Good and Rare 4* from Special Wheels, shitty odds aside. But all that still wasn’t enougth, right?

Because now you hit a new low and this comes from me, who rarely writes down what he thinks, but FREAKING UNRELEASED 4 STARS as Roadmap Enemies, paired with salt for the wound in form of all the Other who were in Premier for a short time.





It has been stated before that the game isn’t designed for “collecting”.

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I understand. So why there’s a Museum with Collections again?


Achieve the collection then depot


This kind of neglects your point from before, because the Game don’t force you to depot anythink and even then you would collect Depot Points :wink:

I’m surprised you even opted to complete that stage given that you had to kill 4* Allen to do it


Collecting doesn’t mean hoarding every possible character. Museum collections are for 5*s mostly and level 1.
That’s true about the depot you don’t have to depot them you can just use your toons to level up other toons and then you’re not collecting depot points either :wink:

I’m a collecter. That 4* Carmen has me sad I can’t get them. I do have Jean though, you can get Jean easily from training camps.

Technically it does. I’m still waiting for Jeremy where is he???

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I have Jean already don’t worry, but apart from the Unreleased ones, especially Dominic the first 4* Revive and 4* Conrad who I still couldn’t get a (F**k you Prestige) I also an Example wanted to build a Full Yellow Gregory Team or a Full Green Carson Team. Also I don’t even want start about my Second Region, where I could really use them, but Nope. The Best ones we get now are Problably 4* Clark and Valerie, Soldier and Soldier. The 2 Hardest AR Level Roles for a lower Player in my opnion.

I’m so happy he’s no there. Would only be the crown of this already big pile of sh*t move

As a collector that is kinda a dick move.
I guess just keep a real close eye on any new wheels/stashes and grind where you can. I got Jean along with I think… Pocky and Cassidy? from an old stash that you could earn free tokens for about a year ago. I also managed to get Mariana and Conrad from their wheels (run New Moon Fever and other prestige missions often). I’ve also gotten Bridget, Darnell, Shayla, Guardian alert Denise, Christine, Andrew, Dexter, Heather and tough Connor from here and there (mostly those flash type wheels I think?). I’m fairly certain they’re not commonly available most anywhere nowadays so they have come up here and there before, just hopefully they will again.

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I have all of them (except Conrad :unamused:) too, but I guess looking at the current Situation we’re back in the state before even Ascendance was a think with a handful on generic 4* everyone has to use If they use 4*.

Same :sob:


You typed game when you meant to write gambling app

Nope still stand by game

Well i guess gambling can be considered a game as it is a game of chance. I just call a spade, a spade

don’t forgot about the Butler dude who never got a chance to shiny, and those 3 people on survivor road. who are just called ‘gerald’

Butler dude, you mean Benji?

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