Seriously? Give us a gear collection!

Stop trying to make this a Pay to play game! We need a gear collection to make this game playable. Stop trying to get us to buy this crap! Try listening to the playerbase and stop making these “new” features to make the game worth playing. BRING GEAR COLLECTION BACK ALREADY!


I’ve removed my payment details to remove the temptation of buying these offers, we have to pay to gain access to the top toons, shouldn’t have to pay again to make them usable.


Think it’s funny they removed the gear map. Friday. Did a weekend lvl up then they came up with this sale. Lol. GPS and canteens usually all I purchased on sales now I have to buy this type of gear since They removed the roadmaps

I won’t even buy those any more.

Just the few you get from CRW & events was enough to T4 the toons I prioritised with those offers giving me the option to top up what I have, but the gear drought is so severe now that you have to buy pretty much all the gear to even T2 a legendary, it’s a joke.

They heard you and made the necessary adjustments

that’s how all our requests seem to be getting answered.

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This rings true


But then Scopely won’t have any of our heartfelt and constant complaints/comments to ignore completely?

Bring on an event.

nobody listen to me, it’s time to quit this game. you don’t understand,scopely don’t want f2p anymore.

Remember when Scopely said there will be regular options to get your gear for your six stars. (options that doesn’t require money)
Pepperidge farms remembers
(this happened when they announced 6*s or just shortly after)

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I remember that but everything they said about releasing them has been a big fat lie.

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I don’t understand why they won’t give us gear. Do they expect players to pull for toons we can’t upgrade? Not me.

Yeah…shame…it was good when they gave us gear collection events with a free ascendables, but times changed :confused:

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