Seriously? 1500 coins

I brought this up to @GR.Scopely. It’s such a ridiculous price to pay to refresh. The DT and PK are way cheaper. We need these items to try and catch up.

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I prefer them to be higher so no one skips


Seriously, who makes these stupid decisions?!

“the team” who has never played this game and only think about making money.

The pay scale has increased so much in past 1 year, its ridiculous… I remember when 10 spins were enough to get boobie prizes and odds were 1% or more.

Currently, those are intentionally slow to obtain for players as we want all them to enjoy the full content while not burning through it too quickly if those were less expensive to obtain. That being said, I have passed along your feedback.


But it’s not slow if you are willing to spend for it, so it just keeps normal sane spenders and ftp behind and increasingly so.


Bro no one is paying that .

Not sure how some teams had perfect five star weapons for all toons on defense (and I assume in atk) last war if someone isn’t paying.

Burnt through all my 5* weapon gear and got fuck all :joy: have no league tokens left anyway

Yep I had this is last crew to smells a bit

Makes no sense

Then dont have them out at all for now if slow progression is the intent.

Edit: or once you buy from the league store put them on a two week timer with no option to coin it to speed up.

Damn just thought we’d be giving 1500 as compensation

They obviously paying, getting #1 in raids multiple times #1 in arenas multiple times and here u got perfect 5* weapon :ok_hand:

Good deal now.

Great I already coined three times

This is a terrible reason. The armory is vital and we need these parts in order to craft with the insanely low odds. The longer we are forced to wait, the further players who don’t get lucky fall behind. Rng is not in everyone’s favor.

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Working as intended, keep spend… I mean keep surviving

Someone already “burned” your content. I had to face a defense with dual Priya with dual attack shot + amplification 4. perfect weapons, all my toons dead 1st turn…

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