Serious unbalance


Since 6*, green toons are being completely weak. No good weapons stat in def, plenty of powerful red toon.

How can players with green toons play the game anymore…


Does the best leader and best character overall not do it for you?


My def on 6* is useless right now, and 5s can still kill 6s. Smh…


Sounds like you need to work on your defense team


I laugh at 5* Zeke when they try to hide behind Carl.


Carl currently the best leader in the game, shiva currently the best toon in the game and stun on attack the best special in the game…


Nope. My defense is good. Just shiva 6* dies too fast even with +35 def. Not reseting tho bc it has stun already and stun is hard to get. Lol


I replaced attack with hp. Most of my team is sitting around 3000hp and seems to be handling well. Certainly not dying round one.


I think the old weapon and fighting styles have evolved stun on attack isn’t as great while on defense given your primary opponent has stun clear


I’m not dying round on, just reds keep doing extra damage, but when I tier 4 her, she will be in good hands :smile:


For defense I think current and near future for defense is red-stun with Mirabelle lead. Especially considering blue Andrea 5* is not relevant anymore.
If you face a well equipped team with stun weps, not much you can do, just see your team stunned and slaughtered.
Ok, you can bring Ty6, but he still has to charge his big 85AR in some way. Mirabell active to clear stun? maybe, but still a long fight and in regions where all jump on Carl, I’m pretty sure they’ll have issue.


What team do you run? I run Carl Shiva Zeke Barker Yvette. All with huge ap, 30% hp and def. I’ve had zero luck with trait crits and my server isn’t terribly old, but there are only two that get past with any regularity.




Lol boobs range lead. I only have Shiva and zeke on ranged team right now bc I’m waiting to get my carl ascendable. They’re helping a lot tho.


Oh that’s why


To be honest simply not dropping enough red six’s, I got s crap ton of yellows. That’s what slowing me unless I want to build a team of mirabell. I will try one last time before I’m forced to build miraboobs.


Team squad of miraboobs6 with stun gun is the future.
While abso0, impair, ap-down for other colors slow you down, stun imho just is the most powerful as you cannot even use active skills.


On which version do you play? 4.0?