Serious Question


So this CRW is -1500 tokens and - 1 5star compared to the last CRW?

So why don’t all top 3 take the weekend off?
Let the babies war it out while we all go to the strip club and spend our money in an equally constructive, but more enjoyable way?


On behalf of the baby factions, we want the weekend off too. We are handing the war off to the fetuses. These prizes may at least please them. We would like to take advantage of your strip club offer though, please.


On behalf of us farmers, we’ll take manure to sow our fields.


Baby factions below top 50 between 3 regions may as well since they won’t see anything for their efforts


Nono baby factions that are normal under top 15, cause CRW is like 3 regions.
But I’m trying to free up 9 places for those poor souls that won’t get prizes just trampled all weekend.

Plus how can you show your lack of interest in prizes it you actually compete?


Better Idea: we all take a break this weekend and go to strip clubs, all regions, all factions.