Serious question for the Scopely team

My Shiva is 6* tier 3, while she hits her rush I noticed something on her hind leg. Is this like a Japanese tattoo, bandages or a design flaw? I need answers to this burning question, now I can’t stop staring at it until I know what it is lol.

My question to you is?

Why does this matter?

oh and I would imagine its just war paint, and again I ask.

Why does this matter?


I always thought it was bandages but after looking at the t4 shiva she actually has white war paint in various places so I believe it is probably war paint…


I think Scopely thought they would run with the ongoing joke that the forum makes, and it is the Japanese word for pancakes lmao.

I honestly don’t want to know what the hell that is, knowing Ezekiel has private sessions with his kitty cat.

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