Serious question : As F2P, what could I do to expect something good ? And enjoy the game

Hi there.

I come today because as we have lot of things to do few months ago with woods and turkeys, now, I can’t see anything for F2P players…

So, I would like to know if this game became a full P2P.

I guess the answer is Yes since the Club and Rabbits but I prefere asking the team about the fact that all event during Xmas events are only payables that suggests F2P didn’t have their place anymore…

You can answer that we still have level up and raids event but as F2P have nothing to level up and raids rewards are… for level up…

I am not complaining here, but I just want to know if F2P have to stay in this game or not.


From Scopely? Nothing.


Even a quick and sincerily answer about F2P ?

Because if @JB.Scopely can answer here that RTS is now only a P2P game, it will be clear for F2P and this board will have no more complains… less complains…

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To be honest with you, expect disappointment in this game. Even if you spend millions, rng can still mess you up. You can have a team that cost hundreds or thousands and get beat by a f2p team cause this game doesnt require skill once you get to a certain point, it is all random. If you dont spend, everything moves at a snails pace and even spendingas ive said can still be muted by rng.

If you are new to the game, havent spent, arnt stuck cause of friends in factions, in all honesty, gtfo while you can! This game is dying, has been, its just dying so slow and people would rather deny than face truth. Find a better game and seems all mobile games are like this, learn how to build a pc, its not that hard and enjoy real gaming on real games that require skill.


Yes the game is becoming pay to play, soon will be full subscription


It already has.


Give it time, the game will require some form of payment to even log in the game at some point lol but hey they have star trek and looney tunes now so they can finally kill this game :zipper_mouth_face:


and this forum, p2p, pay to post


Grind your butt off like anyone else.

Just get with a good faction and enjoy war, thats the only event i like.

You can expect dissapointment.

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Go to a different region and start from scratch. Just play very casual, don’t level your account much.

The low tier raids and battles with 3* and 4* are way more fun than endgame battles are for me.


All right, only optimistics answers here… Damned !

@Apex98 : Going in a good faction being a F2P ??? loooool And stay in the faction ?? I can’t stop laughting ! I know spending players trying to stay in a top 5 faction, two days later, fired with no message because he did not reach the expected score… So as a F2P with the team I have, not sure…

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I will explain why I will surely stop the game in 2019: I am a former p2p, and even having spent a fortune, the prints that I made was only disappointment. Today, I’m f2p and I see how fast my teammates advance and I do not. scopely made his game a slot machine, you pay or you go. Not to mention the repetitive buggs that are not repaired for the players, but when it comes to a bugg that is losing money to scopely it is repaired immediately. So keep on living and have a good game .


Its not hard just grind and duel to test ur strength vs certain teams and find a ftp work around, spend ur league coins on raid cans maybe sr cans, save some coins for war…simple

I watch my faction mates spend money on the game but u do eventually slow down with out certain toons, like im missing alpha for lydia teams , wish i could get her because i struggle sometimes with the higher in lydia teams.

Play a different game.

In truth this game isn’t pay to play but it is most certainly pay to win. F2P players are needed to keep the game healthy but at the very top end of the game it’s getting clearer almost by the day that the player base as a whole is drying up.

More needs to be done to help F2P become competitive because while there obviously needs to be an advantage to pumping money into Scopely, having such a chasm between the higher & mid/lower level players is incredibly off-putting, nobody likes to be beaten down repeatedly. The balance of this game is broken, without a doubt.


My faction has done 4 faction assaults in the past week, so everyone got a winter wheel pull for free, just through activity. Lots of people are pulling premiers from that. It’s tough to be fully f2p but it’s possible.

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Unless you pull a Harlan from that wheel. How does he help a f2p?
Having them NERF f2p legacy toons also doesn’t help. especially when their reason for it is ‘‘BALANCE’’.
It’s almost pitiful how they still lie & mislead and yet players throw money at them…we are cleary miles away from a ‘‘smart costumer’’ era.
If you are new & fresh please find another game, there is only misery here.


we will take ur feedback to the team
I.e. go away unless u spend spend spend


And that’s the point, I am not… I play for years when having a 5 stars was impossible for F2P… Then throwing this game away makes me disappointed because of time spent… time… :smiley: