Serious question about the whole series


Where the heck have all the nuclear weapons gone? I’ve never saw or read much mention of these even in the comics unless I missed it. If they weren’t used then, then could we use them now. Could scopley implement this. This would be quite funny. Nuke the opponents -and destroy their city. Make them start from sqaure one again have to rebuild everything AGAIN. Then again probably not very popular. Or maybe so. The possibilities are mind blowing.
Nuke an entire faction away, permanently. Think about it, good or bad it would be quite interesting.

Am I crazy. Duh.


Awful idea


That would possibly make a lot of people quit.


Uh, maybe the Army used them to destroy overrun cities? In both the TV show and the comic, it shows the government bombing the crap out of Atlanta. So, kiss your strange wish goodbye!


it reminds me of a game on PC so much hype but when they show how it works instant death. when you died in the game you needed to buy another copy of the same game xD so realistic.


When the army bombed the heck out of Atlanta, Rick was still able to go into the city. If it was nuked, the city would have been flattened and Rick would have died of radiation. So in both cases the bombs were eitherincendiary and/or napalm types. Thus the nukes remained.


Remained tucked away in some dark corner waiting to be discovered a few decades later and able to be launched A FEW CENTURIES later. Do you know any nuclear physicists who could survive the apocalypse? I sure don’t.


Town takes about a year to 15 months to max every thing your idea makes no senses that’s not including research for armory, workshop and tg. With mods there isn’t over stock of wood as much


Th and tg 20 take a week alone


Well nuclear power plants would go first. Water to cool reactor rods would fizzle somewhere about the month mark causing chain reactions and explosions. Death and destruction would follow. Anyone in the area would die immediately. I would assume weapons would be in underground facilities, surrounded by layers of concrete so yes you could go down to get them. But would be an extremely painful process especially if you had no power source to hail them to the surface. The u.s. has been in a state of disarmament for decades so you would need to know where to look, but considering the number of weapons that are still probably live at that point, I doubt you would be able to find them. Considering how many military installations there are in the United states alone, your chances of finding such a weapon are slim to none.


Imagine the amount of walkers in those facilities too


Radioactive walkers, lmao. What will you die of first? Radiation poisoning or a walker bite?


Well if there were radioactive walkers you could probably see them coming from the “glow”. Haha “glowing walkers”



Reminds me of ZombiU :grin:


It’s a pack of ghouls from Fallout. If you have never played them they are without a doubt worth the time especially if you are into RPG’s and love a post-apocalyptic setting.

One and two are classics but are so old it’s next to impossible to play them. They deserve an update. Bethesda took over the series from Interplay with 3 and 4 and in between those two Obsidian did New Vegas which had some of the original Interplay members on staff.

I highly recommend checking them out.

Zombi U was decent. I never finished it but it had some decent mechanics like playing as a new survivor every time you died.


Z Nation had radioactive zombies ages ago :smiley:


I don’t even know how many times I finished ZombiU :grin:. I really never played Fallout, I may be will, but it wouldn’t be worth for me to buy it now, since Hitman 2 is almost out :smiley:


Not in the comic, only in the show. In the comic, the cities are perfectly intact. And in the show, they weren’t nukes, they were napalm.


Depends on the platform you play. Fallout 3 and NV are pretty cheap since they are like a decade old. If you’re on Xbox 4 is part of the game pass program so it’s basically free and 3 has been “enhanced” and looks pretty good running in 4k for such an old game. If you’re on PC keep an eye out for a steam sale plus you get the benefit of mods which are awesome.

What sets Fallout apart from most games is the setting, the character customization, the open world exploration aspect and of course tons of sweet LOOT.

Wanted to play the last Hitman but never got around to it. It’s now part of the game pass as well so I should check it out.