Serious gear shortage


My faction is in Diamond II league. For week’s worth of grind I get just enough to buy ONE GPS in league store. Gear is being sold for stunning price, hard to get basic 6* trait specific parts as well. I remember @JB.Scopely response about gear related Museum collection returning sometime so … kindly please?

I believe we all feel this problem so please share your thoughts & comments. Thank you!


Your not the only one I’m short of everything 6*.


It is definitely a problem, and it is choking the life out of this game for me. I stopped pulling for promos due to not being able to level any of the cards I may pull. It is insulting to see Scopley then offer a GPS/Canteen, legendary gear and trainers for $99 usd. I don’t mind grinding for gear, but to outright price gouge players is ridiculous.


They just put cheaper gear offer in the store so someone is reading the forum, but still problem remains.


imo, we need the old style maps that have each stage drop a specific piece of gear and we need it for everything from alpenstocks-gauntlets, maybe alot to ask for gps and canteens to be the old school bag and walkie drop, but gear shortage is real.


We were just discussing this today. I have 29 6* of which only 9 are maxed. The rest have to wait, along with my other 16 to be ascended because of the stranglehold on gear. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Not much different now than when 5* were the shyt… I remember back when it took weeks to gather gear for t4 a 5*…

We was just used to gettin gear handed to us in museum… but now that we wasted all our resources on lousy 6* … faster and better 6* are coming and they will take a while to lvl up cuz of the gear wasting we already did…


My whole faction is short on gear. We need an event.


Its come to the point now that I cant even get my new 6*s to t3. Its actually becoming a joke in my faction as to how long scopely will keep throttling gear.


Bumpity bump


The never ending cycle of level ups will reach critical point if more gear is not readily available in large quantities. Everyone is feeling the pain.

@JB.Scopely can we please have a museum event? Also can we please have mod scrap milestones for the next few events? Yet another stranglehold.


Make this happen I am one whetstone short of getting Naya to tier 4. this is ridiculous.


By far the dumbest thing in the game. Willing to screw over 99 percent of the player base because he 1 percent will buy these stupid gear deals. What a joke.


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