Serious food shortage


Since they released the 6* and the whole ascending toons thing it is obvious that something needs done about the lack of food. They need either to increase the amount of food out put our farms product and or replace all the scavenger missions where wood is given and put food in its place and also instead of giving us so much wood on the survival road to give us way less wood and way more food. I mean u expect us to ascend 4* into 5* to make fodder to ascend our 6* but the 6* eat so damn much there is nothing left to feed to my 4*. I’m not a lazy player by any means I Farm my ass off to try to keep up. Also I’m not a wood racist because well everyone likes to get wood :wink: but come on now catch up with the times u introduce all these new features and new 6* toons but you keep the out put of food down when u know there Is a huge shortage of food u can tell with all the offers that u are including food in help ur fellow players out with alittle more food and maybe just alittle less wood :wink:


Did you not see the offers in the shop?

#problemsolver :smirk:


It’s broken.

The town should have been upgrade-able and more ways to get food organise as 6*s were released.

I Farm multiple times a day often using 1 or 2 refills.
I’ve run out of food too…pretty much.


yes I have seen all the offers because I mentioned all of the offers that they have included food in I was stating that they obiviously know that there is a shortage by yet would rather us shell out money to obtain it rather than fix the game economy and make tha game more enjoyable to play.


All about that farm life


It’s not just gear, it’s also items that we should be able to sell for food, but who has time to sell 12k blood plasma or 10k empty bottles? Why is it press and hold only? Why can’t we have a user input option to sell as many as we want?

Furthermore, at a certain point in everyone’s game, materials will be at an all time high. Some of us have maxed out everything possible and have been at that point for over a year. We don’t need to craft anything extra. I would even like the option to burn wood if I could, but I can’t. It’s constantly maxed out and popping up with the ‘materials full’ message.


Well just wait until these 6* are 4th teired then tell me how many sunglasses and shoes U have left once it take over or near a milion in food to gain one level when they are near maxed an yes who has time for selling all these things I mean if they just increased the out put of food pre stage and possiblely in a few other areas as I suggested before and caught up with the times alittle and made just a few changes then it would make the game seem alittle more fun and seem a little less like a chore oh I have to go Farm today again day in and day out like I said I Farm more than most and it just gets old after awhile and it’s because scopley didn’t anticipate the lack of food that all these changes have made


Wood conversion to food.

Problem solved.

I would even be willing to convert at a loss, just to dump wood


Food and survivors are in short of supply. They should increase the number of those in accordance to the higher and higher needs for ascendance.


We have outdated maxed buildings while the game progresses…everything else should progress as updates happen… We got scoplayed… Bloop bloop


I already wasted most of my food resources, now i have to sell those ingredients worth 100 food each and it takes one hour to make 1m selling those because there is no fast sell lol


Imo, the town should upgrade up to lvl 30-40 so we can upgrade food farm’s and food max limit to 10m

But my main problem is the lack of XP scavenger’s missions. I used to have 2 per tournament now i am very luck if i get one. Sometimes it goes 2 week’s without XP mission.


I’ve heard Bob Geldof is organising a charity concert for us all in the near future.


Yesss I have said the same myself. Even at a stupidly high ratio, I would happily turn 100k wood into 10k food.


Do you not disassemble your weapons? Selling them for food doesn’t net you much, but you can get lots of materials for weapon parts by breaking them down and offload tons of material buildup.


Once again this issue gets raised again and again and again.
I have a job and children…this game is not my job so please give us a tad more resources merely to be in line with the new 6*'s. How can you possibly believe hat the same resources that were present in the game for free will be adequate for the current meta?


Only rare weapons and above. But even then, what am I going to do with 4K bailing wire or gun sights? I suppose I could ironically sell them back for … more materials.

No thanks, I’ll continue selling for food.


I’ve started selling for food too.

In fact I’ve stopped building grenades and such as the items they use sell for food…which I need.


Thanks for the feedback guys.

I know we’ve been talking about ways to solve this issue with trading or collections, etc.

We are still looking into what to do regarding this and thank you for still keeping it on my radar – it’s been something I continue to bring up.


What’s really sad is that not one scopely person even commented on this thread at all