Sergio Stash- Should be Daily Login event

The quality of the stash and the quality of the characters… we used to have the exact same thing. Over a year ago. And it was free, not an effort-based or exclusive to Survivors Club Players. Monthly Login Stashes rewarding players for logging in daily (remember those?) which were promised to return but that was a lie.

If you forget to reward players for just supporting the game and at a casual level, then you’re isolating a large section of the player base. Not every single event has to be a grind fest that takes a lot of time and effort.

Yes I understand that the whole point in making events take so much time is to also sell their completion and make $, But… Way too much is pay to play already, and people are fed up. Pay attention.


Actually I’d have to say the quality of the previous stashes far surpassed this one. This is the worst one yet imo. Those log in stashes were focused on 5* gear. Included GPS and canteens. This is focused on ultra rare 4* gear that we can easily get elsewheren



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Yes it should have been especially with TOC still running and them taking away promised rewards from those players.

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Please instead Just Delete Sergio and give us more gear or something instead.

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This is the first time i’m takimg a break from the game, this event sucks
Im not even grinding for this pj
The daily login would been better

It really is puzzling why Scopely doesn’t insert a daily reward in this game. It isn’t a big deal in terms of revenue but it is a huge deal for the players. It is really hard to find a game where they don’t have a daily login reward.

So from a business perspective it is such a small thing but with a huge benefit.

Scopely is just very reluctant to give away anything even if it on the long term is positive. Just makes me think they don’t really think long term :blush:


Ditto yep finding this on other games, log in everyday and rewards get better and better🤗

Solange was a free toon from a login event and she’s miles better than this guy

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