Sergio - Possible for F2P?

He may be garbage but was he even possible to achieve without spending? I’m short of balloons and am pretty sure that I only missed one war milestone. The events currently on the calendar would seem to indicate that I’ll miss both orange and blue museum collections and the fact that Scopely have a 500 coin offer for 200 orange balloons (with a slight chance of some more) seems suspicious.


If i remember right, I hit all milestones apart from the top 2 war ones.
Every single map finished, every level up, every SR, every raid so far.

By the end of the current level up and Raid tournamnets I’ll still need 250 red, 1450 orange and 1370 blue.

As much as Sergio may be gash, i’ll be pissed if all that effort and cans goes to waste.

As much as alot of people missed out on Dwight many months ago there was some ley-way, doesnt seem like there any with this one - or so it seems at the moment


Looks like you confirmed my numbers then :frowning:
I’m pretty sure the reds will sort themselves out over in the final levelup at the weekend but it would appear that Scopely will troll us for the last blues and oranges.

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Yea i havent been able to hit level or raid ms bc i dont have cans to raid and no toons to level lol def not f2p. Anything that requires hitting a bunch of ms is never f2p

F2p toons are only really f2p if they are roadmap based with respectful energy numbers and or via a login type setup…

Other than that hell no he isnt f2p


I think my point is that he isn’t f2p even if you hit all milestones. It would seem that spend is required and whilst #playersunited is going on I won’t do that.

Previous events could normally be ground out with zero spend as long as people had a reasonable number of raid cans


Raid cans are available from several sources in game and can be stockpiled, so I don’t think that’s an issue. Toons for levelup - 5* are very available now (even in basic and helper tokens since the content refresh) and give good points, and people who run out can still do 4* ascension for them. So f2p, but requiring effort and preparation.

Then you still need to do a hundred raids and full war milestones every single time though. This is a ridiculous amount of grind for a very meager reward. Even super-grindy events like Pathways gave you some leeway and didn’t require full milestones in everything, and that one had several better toons as rewards, plus tons of gold mods and bennies, instead of Sergio, a war can, and six long coats. Such a stupid event. I noped out of it at the first raid tournament.


Where are they available for f2p? Wars… Thats only 1 person per faction per match obtaining those.

Sdp? You mean where you can go over a month without seeing one.

Ms in other events that require you to hit over mid level marks that not everyone can do… Gear is an issue and maybe wouldnt be if they didnt make all road maps insane in number of energy takes to complete often times causing players to forgo needed road maps to hit the special event road maps instead. And newer players with lower player levels i dont even know how they can run any of these maps with out boatloads of world cans.

Raid tournies also require being in a friendly region that lowers defenses for f2p bc this gap is ridiculous and thats not even dealing with sclass.


And for the past few months they took away epic asendable wheel tokens for special event stuff. Lol

Wars (can also drop occasionally from scouting), supply depot, daily login rewards, event milestones, scavenge missions, special roadmaps; there’s plenty of sources. Most of them give very small amounts, but they add up, as long as you don’t waste them.

I’m sure there’s people who can’t do it, but then that also applies to login collections because there’s people who can’t login every day for whatever reason. All of these issues have solutions (gear for example is in roadmaps, league store, gear depot, occasionally events, elite item wheel…). It’s a resource management game, you trade some resources for others.

The raid algorithm mostly matches you against lower players than you. If your region does not lower defenses and you don’t have too much energy, you need to be careful who you attack - rerolling is cheap.

Yea all of which is very true … But thats also saying that folks should only hoard the little they get to then sit and wait on a special event and even that dont work, bc scopley doesnt give any notice of if or when special events come up.

Scouting is a horrible method to cans… Scouting is best used to get your tower team loaded and ready for towers.

Again depot they show maybe once a month if lucky.

Again road maps - so folks pick road maps then dont have the cans to do gear maps.

Gear is much easier to obtain these days but when you get stuck w a ton of same personas its easy to be stuck needing more.

Then back to wars … Theres as many if not more factions that simply cant fill or dont get enough matches in the first place and again only one out of 8 will get those raid cans from being runner up - almost always the top 2 scorers on a faction are the ones who dont even need the cans.

Road maps and world maps arent easy fot everyonenbc again not everyone is player 140 125 100 etc. Also these roadmaps are downright insane on the energy cost to run them.

So great if an active person who isnt huge war scorer does everything right they can maybe earn 5 depot 5 roadmaps and say 5 more sprinkled in … That’s 15 cans and then they have to hope theyre in a region that helps the little guy.

I agree with you to a degree but im also saying theres a very large portion that these methods are not enough. I suggested a f2p daily energy road map that gives energy cans and special items every day.

The login part… Yes sure there might be some that miss a day or two but most login stashes are never 100% login required and if you cant login to play then shit youre not even f2p … Bc you gotta play the game first and foremost lol

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Fair enough, but that just means that there are tradeoffs, and some preparation is needed for everything. If you can get to the point where you regularly hit the middle milestones, the system mostly sustains itself. You then need to make decisions what to spend your resources on and when. Decision making is part of the fun in games.


Only if u dont plan to transfer Haha

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I def hear ya and it used to be more true about managing resources but when they decided 1m and more was needed to get a raid can became a little ridiculous lol. Coupled w maps that require 30 or more to run one stage smh :laughing::joy:

I agree even using energy refills on the roadmaps can’t be considered free to play.4th anniversary sucks.

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Way wrong man… Sergio = :fire: :poop:


I claimed him today, haven’t spent a penny :call_me_hand:t2:

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He is attainable completely f2p. Just keep grinding it out.

I’m interested how as there haven’t been enough balloons available to do so.


Pretty sure that 200k war milestone will fuck a lot of people

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