Sergio obtainable?

With all the talk of how bad Sergio is, is anyone wondering if he’s even f2p attainable? They aren’t even giving one pull per tournament. There’s no chance there will be thirty tournaments in the month.

I guess he’s that bad that nobody even cares. Smh.


I was wondering this myself with the amount of pulls weve got free to play he is not compared to the time

I asked this myself, we are short on raid and roadmap ballons, roadmaps is easy cause they can just throw a bunch of roadmaps out but raids seems like it will be the one that is short and as it looks now based on the maths, no, Sergio is not f2p and yes, i dont think anyone really cares lol


At this rate expenditure of coins. Indeed might be necessary…

The second I saw there were 30 balloon collections and 30 items in the stash I doubted he would be obtainable ftp. It would be great if Scopely could try using some of that communication they promised.

Personally don’t care about the toon at all so won’t be busting my guts hitting every milestone.


I’m hoping there’s bonus in war milestones or similar. But it’s a double new low if F2P can’t achieve the main prize and the Anniversary event gifts school bags this year


At this point no low from scopely will surprise me

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Yea. That’s what I’m thinking. There needs to be some tokens elsewhere.

And 100 percent. If this event nets the players about 20-25 of those items in the stash, then jeez. They need some new personnel.


I’m only suprised that they haven’t hit Australia yet with the hole digging lol.

I don’t know what’s opposite you in L.A. You’ll just have to be anglocentric for the joke.


Probably not to a lot of toc players without sc. 200k in 24 hours for full balloons level bs

For some reason it just seems like a huge insult if they don’t give away a crap toon for free during the anniversary event

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Hopefully they hit the core with their digging and well you know :fire:

If the core’s as blazing hot as their prizes, Earth’s held together with double sided sticky tape


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