Sergio.... Lmao!

Sergio is … Useless… Bad… One of the worst characters you have done Scopely… I swear to god. A real joke. Even if you gave it to me , i wouldn’t take him. Thank you ^^


It’s obvious with this toon release that Screwply is intentionally thumbing their nose at us and daring us to do anything


You’re about a day later than everyone crying about it, get good.


yeah you tell them! :roll_eyes:
just geet gud noobs! :raised_hands:


Well I did. I quit.


Don’t do it. They will turn it around!

I’ve played this game for 4 years now. Scopely has betrayed my trust more times than I can count. I finally got the courage to say no more after I paid 25 bucks and got literally nothing at all for it, not even a bag of 10k food. Nothing. Nada. Because rng. So when a game is not defined by your skill, your payment, your loyalty, your experience, or your effort, and is left entirely up to chance, that’s not a game, that’s a slot machine. And I’m done gambling.


Lol i discovered him just today

Beautiful words!

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Me too. Stupid game bye

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Y’all ungrateful as fuck I’m starting to think the community is the problem not them smh

Can’t believe they would put out such a horrible toon. Game is definitely dying.


Sergio is awful even if he gets lucky and gets the best results from ar and talent it’s still not that great.

It’s not the community that’s the problem it’s just the problem in the community is the most vocal

We are talking about players who literally paid for playing this game, watched ads, or even just put themselves in a position of punching bags for the whales…

In other words, helped Scopely to become a billion dollar company with their time and money!

Maybe its Scopely who is ungrateful af?


releasing a toon like this for an anniversary event shows how much dedication,passion and commitment scumply have for their own game, pathetic company should feel ashamed and never say it’s passionate about the game or it’s player base ever again


I’ll still try for him no matter how many people bitch and moan about him

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Sergio looks like pretty good blue toon 1000% damage would do some work

*20% chance at 1000% damage

Rng in an AR is the epitome of garbage. Sergio is a dud, homie.


Congrats man