Sergio Is Breaking my game

Sergio’s AR is crashing my game!
I wrote support and was told by JB to post here. Have absolutely NO CLUE what I’m supposed to post so will post everything.
My faction mates report when attacking him, their game crashes when his AR is activated also.
So excited to NOT use him in upcoming war!:rage:
Screwed Up Sergio

A: How do you have Sergio

B: Why would you want that turd


so if u have him on war u have invincible team… lolz


Use him on your def team this war :upside_down_face:

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Yeah if he crashes the opponent when they attack you and not your own game then you have the perfect defense.

Man these guys are terrible at their job. When was the last time they released a toon without issues? :laughing:

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I’ve seen him being sold on vk. Not sure if you can get him normally through the game yet.


Don’t think anyone was expected to get him so they didn’t finish the details.

It’s a after we forcefully bend everyone over and insert boot then they will address that. Maybe within 6 months.

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Maybe they added that to his rush… 50% chance to crash enemies game


They worded his AR wrong. 80% chance to crash your game. 20% change this hot garbage programming we did works.

I think only “legit” if he/she bought a lot of offers, since it is not possible to get him even when you placed all events 1st.

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Wtf how somebody can have Sergio at this point of game???

have been some offers with ballons

You paid for him. Wow :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

or for the rewards thats come with the stash

Not enougths dude

He is literally on the same level as that red rick that absolutely nobody has ever used.

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lol at the OP accidentally snitching on themself :joy:



The issue with Sergio AR has been escalated yesterday to the team and being looked into.

Could you also try and update your game to the latest version?


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Hi everyone,

Sergio’s AR should have been fixed now :slight_smile: