Sergio... anyone care?

It’s really looking like he’s not ftp attainable. Does anyone else think this is a problem. I know he’s garbage but it just seems like a crap thing to do to ftp during an anniversary event

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I’m 16/30 and it’s just over halfway through so it will be close. Although when you offer two stashes to complete, the first should be achieveable if you intend to paywall the second. Paywalling the finish of the first is just stingy, and for an anniversary event, poor form. But I still hold out hope

I dont care, I received Sergio even when I don’t want to bcouse of completing first stash

It would be a crap thing to do, although I’ve personally given up long ago - while I would take him just for collecting purposes, I’m not completing lots of single day raid tournaments for him.

I can’t complete the 24h 200k toc milestones either so i probably won’t get him

wtf u talkin about I’m at 26/30, and someone else in my fac just got him today, both f2p… all u gotta do is do good in all the events, level up and such…

edit: and he’s garbo anyways

I don’t think it’s possible to get him entirely ftp already. Would have had to use coins or something

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I got him but with help from subscription roadmap and I’m 21 away from finishing the 2nd stash havent bought an offer yet

Seriously, they should have put 7-10 pulls on that stash as a daily login reward during the anniversary. I’d say 7 pulls would be enough so that people who get the first couple of milestones in raid & war (similar to the 1.4m in levelups) could complete the first stash, which is not really better than the usual stuff in milestones anyway, and those actually motivated to hit the milestones in 24h tournaments with crap rewards would at least get a couple of pulls in the second stash.

Why would you make a really bad toon, make grinding for it harder than Michelle or arguably even Piper, and call it an anniversary event?

I’ve gotten every balloon except for toc war 200k and I’m at 16. There is no way you got it or got 26 with using coins or cash

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Maybe he’s one of those ftp who then say but I do buy the SC, that’s still ftp, right?

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Probably something like that. The math just isn’t there for him to be that far ftp

I’ve hit every balloon milestone except toc war and I’m at 15/30 with one road map to complete for 16. Are you sure about that f2p?

He’s full of poop unless he got free SC roadmap energy somehow

I have a couple in my fac that have sc and they got him yesterday or something like that if I remember right so that might be the case. Probably a language barrier or poor assessment

I think some people got free cakes that weren’t in SC

i got him and used him for attack 2 star toons :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

There was one free cake sent to prestige 12 accounts and the preatige crate gave out a cake too

Lol well if you’re at prestige 12 then he definitely wasn’t free

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Good point, took me 2 years to get to 11 lol