September S Class level up only month

So, the past few months I’ve been working on getting so many S class guys, but not taken great care of them. I.e. only 6 are tier 4 and 2 more tier 3 out of 17. So this month I am dedicating all my level ups to S class only. I might not get bigger rewards at first, but I need to focus more on these guys.
I can go back and collect more s-class guys later. 30 days isn’t forever

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My paper weight squad cause I have no trainers. No gear and 2* bo exp is 100% trash and not worth the materials to burn on S class lvl ups. Oh and also the once every 2 week ygl scav doesn’t help either.

Fix your game scrot**y


Just run Glenn and Tyler in one you only need knifes I have a ton of them just send them of for YGL that what I did both angel and Glenn are almost max.

Yep I have 7 I cant touch right now cause of lack of trainers and I just got 4 all in 1 day the other day and yea the ygl needs to reappear more often then once every 2 or 3 weeks

I thought I was doing ok with gear but then I got 3 S-Class in a couple of weeks and it’s cleared me out. I have no radios, no school bags and no epic gear.


It’s not easy, that why I’m spending this month on my s-class instead gaining them. I can do one or the other easily at a times I don’t spend wads or money, so I don’t get loads of trainers to use. So I’ve learned to pick and choose.

It would be wise if you waited to start this until the 26.2 update is fully rolled out. Then you will get maximum reward for your s class levels

Check the level up rep scoreboard and make sure s class isn’t the same as 6 star

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