Sephens are empty and F2P


Hey everyone, feel free to join Stephens region, all our whales are gone and now its full F2P region.


Rip Stephens


So ur inviting more “whales” to come and take the first place?


Reason to whales join empty reg? They cant collect league point, they cant fights in war, cuz no one up and they lose points agan. they wil be pretty stupid whales if join. But mid players or faction can join and have fun. am i wrong?


Can’t collect league points why? They can raid, they can war, territories are a mess in most regions…


Dont advertise it here :wink:


in this point they miss only war.


why not?


It wont stay ftp :man_shrugging: , imo its better, if you or your fac mates have friends in other regions, to ask them to come


Ftp not point. But i get ur advice. Anyway if balance broke again transfer key is cheap.


Well if it’s a f2p region how will they be able to buy a transfer key? Because they f2p ya know


I hope you realise that you are calling whales to invade right :thinking:


Even then tourneys outside of war are now ripe for the taking. Yikes.


anyone else but me thinking this is a classic bait job?


Only 1000 coins, F2P can afford that after watching videos for a week.


But don’t they use the coins from videos and leagues for the premiere wheel?


Whales are gonna give your region the bad touch.


4 single pulls a week.

Be an army of Joebobs :joy:


Whale call


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