Send pulled toons to different regions

It would be nice if we could send pulled toons from premiere to different regions we play in. Since coins transfer anyways it would be nice. I just started in Covington and have a low account there with no toons. It would be nice if I can transfer my 4 star pulls from my main account in putnam to Covington.


It definitely will not. There is a transition to another region, be content with it!

What will not?

‘If’ there is any sort of hacking in this game, this will cause it to become a sh!tshow…

if this would happen i would never forgive myself i didnt pull the trigger on that 1$ offer on my noob account…

Not from your roster only when you pull it right away. You can transfer rewards from daily log in so why not premium pulls?

Maybe if it had an additional fee 100coin for 4 stars 500 5 stars 1000 for a legendary or something like that.

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You get extra pulls on every region so you could farm other regions and stack your main account. Use characters for SD points or AR trainers… too much room for abuse

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