Selling Resources


I’m a patient guy so during last solo lvl up I thought I’d sell some of the cheaper items in my roster for food so i could save the more valuable ones for a quicker sell in faction lvl up. So I started selling coffee protein, crude bronze, gunpowder and all the other odds and sods from my inventory. Anyway, a few new grey hairs and 50% less phone battery later I had just about enough food to put one or two extra levels on my 6* siddiq from CRW and it got me thinking… How feasible would it be to swap the left/right clicker (I am aware you can hold it down) for a slider thatd go from 0 to max? @kalishane


I agree with this. Just add a button or two in inventory when selling things. Half or Max. Maybe just the Max button, but either way if it is added or not it wouldn’t bother me. I don’t want to sell all of 1 thing, but some people do. I like to keep a nice little supply of all things.


I usually prop something on my computer mouse and let it sit lol


I think scopely has it just right as is. You should be happy they allow you to sell it at all!


I still have my 6 million-food-Christmas-balls, i’m waiting my next holidays to sell it… :evergreen_tree::santa:t2::evergreen_tree:


I agree a “sell all” selection would make it faster. I zone out while waiting for my water bottles to be sold. Then get annoyed when I realise I moved my finger for a second and I have been sitting there not selling anything for minutes at a time :roll_eyes:


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I have already been confirmed as the original from the old forum after providing my IP to kalishane. Go make your own name and stop pretending to be me. This is the last time I will say it, I am not going to argue with you or be childish about it.





Jacky boy !!




I sold crude bronze a while back and have been hurting for it ever since. the craftables all need 4 crude bronze and since I never get the crit i need I am always out of it.


Also, on that same take it would be nice to taphold to sell all of (x) weapon. Last level up i sold about 200 1* weapons and boy was that hour of my life fulfilling :stuck_out_tongue:


Is that even worth the food? You can do it for disassemble at least


Your logic surpasses me


I like it just as it is. Thank you.


Selling items that only give little food is really painfull yes id like it if they made it easier.


I personally clear all of my weapons every time an armory gets done crafting, keeps my numbers down, because that pop up is the devil


put a button that we can write the amount.