Selling gear wasn’t working so starve people of world refills?

There seems to be a lot of people running low on world refills as was probably the plan.
(Lockdown we know you will have hundreds and not think it’s a issue :smirk: )
I think this is due to the gear and trainers not selling aswell.

The Roadmaps are optional but for any committed player they will want to compete.

So it’s a successful strategy to make money.

What I don’t like is the nerf of the Supply Depot with both refills going from every time a refresh, to 2/3 times and now every other time.
Also the crates for these have become overpriced and no odds on getting a larger amount are displayed…odds are your getting 1 for 295 coins.

I understand wanting people to spend money but this is greedy.


I run the gear maps or the death tokens for 2 pulls using zero cans. Still have 90+ cans. Just have to prioritize.


If you have that many cans you either 1) don’t play as much as we do 2) spend a lot of $ to buy them, because I play every day for the last 2 years, I do all the events, every one, all the f2p toons gotten from events like dwight, etc… buy monthly pass, and constantly, constantly, out of world cans. He’s right about what he says, there’s been less world can offers, depot doesn’t give as often as it used to… you have that many then you are not using them… not using them to farm gear, weapons, to get to top 100 of every event they have, and they have them back to back all the time, every 2 days… its honestly exhausting all these trnys

I am on week 4 without world fills in my depot…

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I play everyday. Have Dwight and his weapon. Finish top 10-50 in all level ups. Top 10-20 in SR.

Its all about resource management.


I do well in wars. Top 1-3. Also have 106 war cans and 115 raid cans.

I agree with u but I ain’t getting much outta the event.Those maps are taking forever to do even with refills.Starting to Judge myself if it’s even worth wasting my time on them.

wish I saw this post first

Lol greedy…

Agreed. I am also seeing that the pulls I am getting from the stamps is mostly garbage.

I’ve played every day for two years and four months. I do all the roadmaps, get all the f2p toons and weapons, I buy the monthly pass and I have 184 world cans. What I won’t do is waste them on this event. I get 1-2 pulls per day from free energy and there have been no rewards that I couldn’t have lived without. Got quite a few WE cans from the last CRW, and I do every scav mission that offers any kind of can.

100% f2p, got Dwight and every other 5* for free from events. Resource management is key. So far, this event is a big win for me

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It is all about priorities. I gain at least 5-6 world energy cans every week just from scavenger missions. I don’t use cans for farming normal maps, I only use them on maps for high level gear at this point. I have been using them on this event mainly because to me the chance for the benedicts is enough for me to burn them. I haven’t really seen an issue with refills being in the depot. Sure there have been a few weeks where cans don’t show up, but that has always been the case. It is only being noted now, because people are hoping for World Energy and now notice when it is not. I really don’t think anything has changed in the supply depot other than your perception.

I am still sitting on over 100 WE cans and I have burned more than I really needed to on this event to get it done in a shorter period of time due to RL issues taking higher priority.

I have all the FTP toons and weapons, I hit top 100 in nearly every event and I have never spent a dime on World Energy refills in the years I have been playing this game. I also have plenty of gear for leveling up with the exception of 6* gear for T4.

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I use all my cans and still Have over 100. Scavenger missions drop them all the time for me and my depot hasn’t changed much as far as offering them goes.

Still holding out for a epic crate. Nothing but food or Burts thus far but still another 15 or so opens before event ends.

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I have 20 so far, but haven’t finished today’s maps. Usually open as I go in events, but for once I thought I’d go for the “big dissapointment” over several small ones…

A faction mate does this with every event so I have been battling to not open a damn one yet :joy:

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