Sell walking dead to a real game developer

Sell walking dead rts to cd project red. They make epic games like witcher, cyberpunk. They real game developers unlike scopley that don’t have a clue what they are doing! We need direction. And maybe some info on up coming events etc.


This would be the most amazing thing! This is what i would/do want most! I would also like to say someone like Techland would be great as well, amazing devs! And they know zombies damn well being they made dead island and dying light.


Bros any one devs that does not have there heads up each others asses would be great. Man it feels like we the community have to tell these scopely idiots what they must do constantly. Pay for survival club, get nothing. No updates in 4 yrs, single trainers like the game just launched, terrible choices for us who love this game so much. Just sell it off u guys are the worst devs ever!


As if your opinion was worth “ridiculous”

I mean I’ve heard of some screw ups but never “Oops, accidentally gave away 2500$ worth of our in-game currency”


Don’t blame the developers, these guys want the game to succeed. This is their bread and butter, it’s their passion as well. If they didn’t care about the product at all they wouldn’t visit this forum or Reddit and chime in or reply.

Every fuck up is squarely on upper management trying to fit in last minute changes to increase revenue, sometimes bugs are created when things are rushed.

The devs put long hours into coding and adding stuff, upper management comes in with a “hey add this to make more money”. The dev team adds it, sends it to QA but because upper management cut QA staff bugs get overlooked. The time crunch is real.

The devs are doing the best they can with what they have.

The hatred towards the devs is misguided.

Should be set directly at CEO and his VPs’


I’m pretty happy that scopely was able to open a few world wide head quarters on our dimes tho

I’d love for Kirkman to snatch the TWD license away from $copelys dumb, greedy, scamming asses and give it to a competent developer. Can’t really see it happening, but maybe one of these days, it will. Fingers crossed :+1:


Please! I second this! Please! To anyone but scopely or its affiliates. They are the worst thing to happen to twd. Ever! Besides amc.

They know exactly what they are doing.



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