Sell Survival Energy Refill in Survival Depot

Could we be given the option of buying survival road refills in the survival depot? It seems like there isnt much worth buying there besides the ascendance crate and the occassional trainer. It wouldnt have to be every day or infinite amounts, but being able to buy 3-5 one day every week or so will help out a lot. Especially since a majority of the tournaments happen during the week when most players work.


Better yet make a slot for cans & rotate between them all


Include SR can’s and now your talking!

This should also be in the gear marker section. That way we can sell the junk and buy the cans.

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Oops I meant survival road refills. I’ll edit

A can slot is actually a great idea, throw every type in there randomly even territory cans.

Id pay double for the more rare cans (war/ sroad/ territory). And i think if they capped them to purchase 2 or 3 would be a good idea. (Naturally id like 5 same as raid and war but we know that wont happen)

You had me on board until you said territory cans. Get that shite out of here. :wink:

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Those territory cans would actually be useful for these 6* territories bud.

Winkie face means joke.

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Those are fighting words sir. I challenge you to a battle of fisticuffs.

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Ah, the lost gentlemenly art of the duel.

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Lmao, that’s the perfect visualization :joy:

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