Sell OG Michonne?


Would the Scopely Gods consider selling OG Michonne (the one with the camo AR) for the same amount you sold the ascendable Mira and Carl?

Heck, I would buy 2 if it were available at that price. Lol


Scopely gonna troll ya and put her as the next promo lol


Yes with 5% chacnce 4 her.

I’m sure they’d be delighted to sell her at 6* prices, but very few would buy her.

Why would you even want her?

He’s talking about $5.

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Yeah, I know, but even at $5 why would you buy her, she’s utterly useless now.

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I think they would sell that Michonne for the same price when they sold rocket launcher Abraham (I think that was £14)

i used 2 og michonne as fooder and still hve 2 in my rooster maxed

She still is useful for green only zombie Sr stages, no?

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Maybe, although 6* greens are so powerful now I’ve never had any reason to try her.

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Lol hahaha

She’s a goddess for the red stun walkers stages on SR that require green only. Especially if you have no green that can clear stun.

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Absolutely this, plus she hits like a train for a 5* AOE rusher. Back when mods initially became a thing she chewed up those ultra-hard roadmap yellows with the right team, probably with a good focus, defence down and buffer toon, and a Shiva or similar, and the right mods, could be situationally handy against yellow Lydia/shield teams if you don’t have chainsaw alpha.

Hell, she’s awesome with all walker stages.
Best chemo in the game with a quick AR/Crit weapon

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Yes please! Its the only reason i buy the $10 pass, i have a blue camo, yellow camo and want a green camo! Anyone know of a red camo? Rose doesnt count with her to only 3 teammates camo

It took me 2 and half years to get her now i have 3

She was my first 5*, made yellow teams a breeze back then. (morgan couldn’t stand a chance)
Now I have 2 and in SR zombie lvls they can’t even get close (throw in Darlene and you’re even safer).



Darlene and Michonne are theSR walker level dream team, especially behind a 4* Michonne or Norma lead (or green 6* Abe if you have him, but Norma and 4* green Michonne have AOE rushes that synergise with OG 'chine perfectly. Add green Kenny and SR Zeke and you mow down swathes all the way to legendary.

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