Sell camouflage toons?

Hey @JB.Scopely

Any chance of selling the following:

Barker (Camo)
Rose (Camo)



Nooo. You negotiate down. Start as login toons. Deal with walker tokens


LOL :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t think Rose will be on a free wheel anytime soon though.

She the legacy one? You never know…

The legendary one offered with Bryan and Princess the other time

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Backbench Bryan not looking the smartest choice now lol

I picked bryan and for what i use him for he is great, clearing walkers lol as never planning on using him for an attack team, i would had picked rose if her camo was to all but scopely loves to only give to 3 teammates for some reason and we dont have a red camo really. Gator and Michonne still the best camos, barker is great for all blue only sr stages but his rush is slow so need a huge bonus ap lead and weapon for him.

I hope camo works in the new horde mode. I have 2 gators that will be ready to pop camo every other turn lol

I chose Bryan as he seemed the rarest - collector. He does usually appear on walker SR stages for me. I tried on tower team and his bonus HP delay meant I got the tower 2, maybe 3 minutes before the end of the match

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Yea i tried tower team also lol but the bonus hp and he loves to use his skill a lot also his double attack rush can be slow. Thought he would slay towers, he made me slower :sob:


Bryan is really really good. Only pb with him is against lead like sandy or dante, because of the splash damage, but otherwise he does greeaaat damages

I knew I was on to something when I chose that Rose.

I got her from elite tokens 1-2 months back

I knew it would pay off eventually to keep all my pve toons

I’m actually wondering now if it would even matter :thinking:

Walkers seem like they will be on to you in one turn in the beta. Maybe better to focus on crit toons.

Won’t matter when the attacker gets this item that gets rid of the enemy’s camo.

Splash damage on bryan is alot better especially with walker stages. Almost as good as using blue alpha with double attack or konrad.

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