Selfish faction camping crucial territories

Guys, i m quite a new player from Belford region. First i found this game v fun. Later i found a faction named Girl Generation 少女時代 keeps camping all the vital territories for ungrading all the time, esp when leagues are going. They do it purposefully hidering other factions fr growing. Many factions have tried in every way to talked with them but they just dont give a fuck. Very sad is they are the strongest in our region. FYR, our faction is roughly the 2nd.

Konwing that factions in all other regions share terr. Our region is halfly dead. I sent qs to Scopley official but no response. Most of our faction leaders love to switch region. What can we do without losing our levels. Pls pls pls help. We just want the fun of game.

Hope is a good sweet thing

Probably time to transfer out

vital territories for ungrading

Unless they are camping crits meh

If we switch to another region, do we keep our levels & spec ?

Bedford right? If you want a better Asian region go Boone

And not sure about the rank of league things
Yet other than that seems like u can keep almost everything like toons weapons mods and league points etc

Yet not tokens. U got to claimed them before your migration

Think so


Dunno if Bedford open for switching yet

Check the list.