Select faction supporter post update


I noticed you now have to hit apply once you select a faction supporter instead of being able to go directly to attack.

I don’t know why this was changed but it’s annoying.


Totally agree. It adds a pointless step. Which means easier to mess up. Please stop adding steps that don’t make sense.


They did this to battle items earlier. I’ve screwed up countless times and I haven’t learned. It’s so counterintuitive.


I agree, although the apply button has always been there so the bug was not needing to hit the apply button to apply the toon. It’s a pointless bug fix surrounded by bugs that need fixing but aren’t.



Game makers that don’t play the games they make.


Thanks for creating the 100th post about this.


Agreed it is annoying and i keep forgetting to do it. Love how they add stuff like this that we don’t want or need but can’t add a button to confirm collection of a scavenger missions so we don’t accidentally cash in a 60k or 100k xp mission before we want to.


Fix. This. Please…

It totally and completely sucks.


Remove the apply button its useless and unnecessary. Highlight player and attack what could be more intuative?

Here’s how we know they don’t bother to playtest anything. When you do remember to hit apply if you look at your faction helper there ar is stuck on 1. How did no one notice this? Or even worse if they did and yet still released this buggy garbage update on all of us.

Oh yeah, get rid of the crit nerf while you’re at it. Don’t care if its the original intention you left the old formula in the game for too long so there is no other way but to look at it any other way but as a nerf designed with the sole purpose to force us to use more coin.