Anyone else playing it?

I love this game.

From Softwares best yet.

Love how every game series has such a unique feel. (Dark Souls, Bloodbourne)


Recently beat genchiro ashina, and I’m loving it so far. Idk if it’s as good as ds3, but it’s definitely one of the best games I’ve played.


I think Sekiro’s balance between Parry, Attack Timing, and Game-Play speed is perfect and out does Dark Souls.

World is more accessible which is alot of fun and movement is overall much faster.

Hardest thing is not rushing and spending time to learn the attack timing of the bosses. Such a great variety.

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hold your horses i still haven’t beat blood borne yet.


Yeah the world is much more open and your movement feels more fluid in sekiro.


The last bit is I feel in Dark Souls they give you more combat variety. Which also gives you more opportunities to find work around to the combat.

Sekiro, is very fixed in the combat metrics, as such makes you play it exactly as intended with few cheese opportunities.

Also, love the stealth action. So good.

I’m near the end (I Think) of my first play through.


So good.

This one also has direct story narrative. Lol. Though I love the indirect story of Dark Souls and Bloodbourne, it’s definitely a nice feel and works well for this game.


My dude what! You just getting it? Am working on trying to max my attack power in new game plus already.


I love the combat with the whole clashing of swords it’s annoying as fuck but am starting to get the real hung of being a real Shinobi.


Buying it this week end. It’s gonna be mega tits awesome!!!

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@twodogg ah to be free of twdrts. I’d definitely be through it if it wasn’t for war.


Worth it. Just set aside your prior Dark Souls and Bloodbourne habits.

Took me til half way through to break my crappy DS roll habits lol.

You are rewarded for aggressive game play. Imo that’s what makes it stand out from the rest.

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Rewarded for it after you get good. Before then be ready to be rewarded with a sword up your ass more than twice.


Lol so true. But amazing once you get there.


What’s your favor weapon of choice so far?


Well I just finished demon souls on the ps3 and parrying and the roll system is horrendous in that game.

Note to self there is only dodge. When dodge fails try dodge again!


I’m playing through Bloodborne right now (first time!). I’m having a blast


I’m not gonna lie.

My first play through I used alot of assists against the bosses. I really struggled with how to utilize the gun effectively.


bloodborne is 1 of my favourite games I wish they would make a sequel. I played all the way through to ng+ before I worked out how to use the gun and once I did everything became so simple


Game is awesome, there so much to do and difficulty is just right. Def one of the best games out right now!