Seizure video on free offers

Does anybody else having issues with watching free coins video via game ??? Its probably the 4th or 5th time this happens to me since yesterday, after watching 3 or 4 videos, the screen goes berserk and that’s no way to close tab unless restarting the game or fone… don’t stare too much at the screen or you going to have a seizure yourself…:crazy_face:

I thought you meant the ads caused you to have a seizure

It would if I keep staring to the screen for too long trying to close the tab video…

I have the same issue with the videos for coins. The screen went black with a blinking white square at the top corner. Had to close the game and restart it. Still didn’t fix the issue.

I’m pretty sure this is just the new update kicking in…

Yep, on about 1 in 5 ads. I did see 1 start and then go to this and it was the ad that ran before (you know when you get the same ad run) so doesn’t seem like it matters which ad it is.

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Didn’t happen to me yet. But you’re quite right to call it a seizure - flashing lights have proven to trigger epilepsy seizures ever since the original Pokemon cartoon show, calling for adjustments and disclaimers in modern movies.

As this is something a lawsuit can milk money from, Scopes needs to fix this soon (or fo the lazy/cheap approach to enter a disclaimet into their ToS not to be liable for it)

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Please scopely fix this issue, still is happening…

This is a bad Tapjoy ad. You need to let Tapjoy know, not Scopely.

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